TRITECH Academic Authorization Policy

Qualified students, faculty and educational institutions may purchase academic software at a discount. Criteria for purchasing software depends on the manufacturer.We will summarize each manufacturers requirements. Note : In order to purchase academic software you must be approved by Tritech Computers. Until you go through the approval process you will not be permitted to check-out through our on-line store with academic product in your cart.

Applications are available here. (pdf)


For complete details, go to

Student must be enrolled at an accredited institution. Full time in grades K-12 at an accredited institution or full/part time at an accredited institution that grants a degree not requiring less than two years of full time instruction. Please send an email to if you are not sure. Please provide us with the name of the institution, city, state and web site.

Home school students qualify but must be approved by Adobe. Send an email to TRITECH and we will forward the request to Adobe for approval.

Proof of Eligibility:

Please provide TRITECH with a current photo school ID. Photo ID must be legible and show the name of the student and the current term/semester. If a student ID is not available, the documentation that shows the student is currently enrolled will suffice. Examples are: copies of students tuition bill, student enrolled course schedule, or a letter from the registrar or teacher detailing the students enrollment. Proof of eligibility must be presented to TRITECH before the software ordered can be released.

Educational Institutions:

Any accredited educational institution granting a degree not requiring two years or less of full time study. Administrative offices, Boards of Education or government schools which are located in United States territories also qualify. For other examples, see the Adobe details web address listed under the Adobe heading.

For all other manufacturers, if Adobe terms are met, then you are eligible to purchase. Please see the manufacturers site to see if you otherwise might qualify.





Rev 05/06